Monday, January 14, 2013

Vintage Shoes

For those who don't know, I work in a nursing home. I was taking care of a woman who's daughter was going to move her down to florida. You don't see that very often, someone actually willing to take on the huge task of providing care for their elderly parent/ family member. So this woman and I were talking about fashion, and different eras and things along those lines. She was telling me about all of the beautiful clothes and shoes that her husband had bought her when she was younger, and how with her moving to florida she would no longer need these things. She asked me if i would like them... I said YES! in a heartbeat. So the next day she said "look in the closet." I opened the closet door and hanging there was a beautiful, long, black velvet evening coat. If my jaw didn't actually drop, it sure felt like it did. Then came the shoes and the dresses. She had her daughter bring in four pairs of shoes two black one red and one white pair. The dresses were stunning as well one long white dress with long sleeves and a band of colors around the waist. The other was a long yellow dress straight out of the sixties. Although not in line with today's trends, these dresses are in such great shape. its like they were never worn, let alone 50 years old! And the same goes for the shoes and coat. I haven't taken pictures of the dresses, but unfortunately the shoes don't fit me. They are too small and I am selling them on etsy. I wanted to give the back story because I really didn't want to sell them. They are special pieces that belonged to a very kind woman. Did I mention that she is 92? Well here they are two pair of the shoes, I gave the red pair to a friend and the other black pair I am not ready to part with (black suede oscar de la renta peep toes!)

The white pair are Garolini's made in Italy. Size 7. And the black pair are Daniel Green's size 6.5 (not for wide feet) made in USA. Both were made in the sixties and are in excellent condition. If you have any additional questions go to my Etsy site and message me there


In the Ruins of Berlin said...

wow what a story and these black shoes are to die for - but too small :( xxx

Femke said...

You are a good blogger! keep up the good work :)

I'll follow you!

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Harlow Darling said...

What a lovely lady, these shoes just show what great style she had! It was so kind of her to give them to you :)

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