Who am I?

About me?

I'm Julie, I reside in a small town in New york called Carmel
I am studying to become a nurse.I am a vegetarian. One day hope to say that I have carried out my dreams and aspirations. If I could I think I would get a degree in every interest I have. 


Well I've got PLENTY  of these, but just to name a few,
I love yoga, hula hooping, gardening, cooking, sweets,
nail polish, stones, art, music, 
learning, space, exploring, nutrition, being outside,
and dancing when I get the sudden urge.

First Blog? 
As a new blogger, I hope to express, share and explore the world with you! I suppose I should begin with telling you a little bit about myself.

Well here goes,
I am a college student, with two jobs and an insatiable hunger for life.
About three years ago the universe sent me a much needed wake-up call. I was diagnosed with lymphoma and it was like the lid flew off of my confined, clouded little mind. The timing, however, was impeccable. I was facing an extremely dark time in my life with no sense of reality and a grueling attitude. After 6 months of chemotherapy, and giving my nurses absolute hell, I was in remission. Well it wasn't all peaches then either. I was left in a frenzy of heavy emotions and at a whopping 86 pounds, hardly any body left to me. I was completely stripped and needed to rebuild. While in my last month of treatment, the universe sent me another gift. Yoga. It is a huge part of my life today, I have begun to develop my body and mind through this beautiful practice. For the past 3 years I have been exploring my mind, body, and soul. I have adopted my own ideas, and morals. I currently work in a nursing home, and am putting myself through college to become a nurse (go figure!). 
The mind has no walls, there is always room for growth, expansion and change!
Like a wildflower I continue to grow.
Well there you have it! A very brief background in Julie