Saturday, March 23, 2013

"Love-ly" Shorts

This project was so fun!
I had a pair of red hand-me-down American Eagle shorts. I have been keen on re-fasioning clothing lately. I hand painted little white hearts on the shorts with a small bristled paint brush, and they came out beautiful! have a look! 
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Busy Bee

I've been writing these types of posts more often than I would like, but what can I do. I have been very busy with work and school, chemistry is proving to be a challenge. Recently, all of my spare time has gone to studying and homework and cramming. This past week was my spring break and I tried to enjoy every minute of it. I manage to do a decent amount of crafting and was able to RELAX (a notion that was becoming foreign to me).

What We Missed:
Completed my Reiki II certification!!!!
Made a wire wrapped necklace 
Made a pair of "lovely" shorts
Made an absolutely marvelous dinner
Continued my wood burning project

I plan on making a post about each one of these things.
Happy Saturday!