Wednesday, July 3, 2013


This is an experience that I truly won't forget. Wanderlust is an event that takes place in a few locations every year. It is comprised of many many yoga classes, meditation classes, hikes, kirtans, dancing, and new to the mix, hula hooping. When I heard about wanderlust, I knew that I had to go, and bought my tickets shortly thereafter. Every single day had a full schedule of yoga, hooping and meditation. Parke came with me and also had an amazing time. I went to wanderlust Vermont, on top of Stratton mountain. It was at the ski resort, and it was set up like a yoga town. Everyone had their yoga mats and were shuffling along to their next class. After a long day of yoga and sweating, there was musical performance and a big party to enjoy. The part that I particularly enjoyed was the fact that perfect strangers did not seem like strangers at all. Everyone was there for most of the same reasons, to have an absolutely blissful 4 days. And we did. Many of the classes that I signed up for were very liberating. The energy of these classes were something that I have never encountered by myself, or with anyone else. For example, The kirtan I went to was a very large group. We started out with a few asanas (yoga poses) to get warmed up, all while letting out sounds. It seemed as if we were letting go of stagnancy and then came into unison with a fresh and new sound. We then rolled up our mats and came into a circle for our first mantra, which then turned into and mobile drum circle. Everyone was  chanting and clapping and dancing and looking at one another. Everyone was feeling and experiencing the same thing. When I walked out of that class I felt like my barriers were down, I felt open and unblocked. Another class that I went to was JAMMIN' power flow, by jill abraham. This class was awesome. We started our sun salutations and then were told to roll up the mats and put them to the side. She instructed up to get a partner, keep in mind you don't know these people. So I paired up with another young woman, and we were told to stand facing one another. Closer. Closer, like uncomfortably close. So here we are with our sweaty faces standing SUPER close to each other. Everybody was giggly and weird and feeling awkward. Jill told us to close our eyes, and think about how the person in front of us is not so different. They have a life, they have a family, they get sad and angry and happy too. She then told us to open our eyes and look into their eyes and try to see that. It was incredible. Then she told us to dance, and we did. It turned into one giant dance party, everyone was jumping around and dancing. Then we still had a yoga class to get on with! So we got back on our mats and we did some tough yoga. I don't think I have ever sweat so much. I loved it. I could go on and on. I will definitely be heading to another Wanderlust, it is too beautiful of an event to miss. Here are some pictures from WLVT. Enjoy!!