Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sorry for the delay!

As you might know, New York got hit pretty hard by hurricane Sandy. And while I was out of power for 6 days, I still am fortunate enough to say that I have my house and my loved ones and all of my belongings. Many of the areas just 45 minutes away from us have it so much worse. We don't realize the little things we take for granted, until they are snatched from us. For example, all I wanted was warm soup and a hot cup of tea, but there was one problem.... no stove! So we got our fire pit nice and fiery and I boiled myself some water. Problem solved. So, due the the storm my blog was on a brief hiatus. What did we miss?? Well for starters Halloween was basically cancelled this year, but not to worry we had a postponed halloween show. here are some pictures of my week! enjoy!

Boiling my water for tea and soup :)

                            Me and my wolf


Justagirl said...

Love your costume :) I think you have a great blog so I nominated you for the Liebster blog award. Please visit my blog to formally claim it : Stylinspire

Sadia xx

Anonymous said...

Been dying to wear that costume! Looked good on you...

Wildflower said...

Thank you! I made the costume but bought the cape. It surely was a fun night!

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