Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DIY Shorts

Hello hot pants! Although it's cooling down in New York, it's still warm somewhere else. Heck! throw a pair of maroon tights under these and you can wear them now! Click "read more" for the "how-to."

What you will need:
1 pair of shorts
Silver studs
Printed fabric of your choice
Hammer or durable tool

First, I turned the left pocket of the shorts inside-out. I then cut the plaid fabric into the shape of the pocket. I hand sewed the fabric onto the pocket and flipped the pocket right-side-in. For the metal studs, I used an old studded belt that I thought was all the rage throughout middle school and the beginning of high school... Pop out the metal studs with a butter knife (there are other methods but this was fast and easy). Map out where you want the studs and pop the prongs on the back of the studs through the fabric and pinch shut and reinforce with a hammer by lightly taping the spikes closed. this will ensure that they are fastened tightly to the pocket. All done!! enjoy! 


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