Thursday, September 27, 2012

American Flag Shorts

I've been meaning to get to this project, it has been delayed due to not getting the supplies and other things popping up, but they're here now!
Click more for the "how-to" or the "buy-now"

If you would like to purchase these sweet little shorts they come in sizes 0-14 these are available on my etsy shop all others are made to order. Buy them now!
What you will need:
1 pair of scissors 
1 paintbrush for touch ups
1 pair of shorts
1 piece of cardboard 
First, tape off the stripes you will be spraying red in between the tape. Cut out star shapes in the cardboard, place the cardboard over the shorts and begin to spray the white fabric paint over the stencil. Let the shorts dry and make any touch up's as needed. Do not wash for 72 hours. Wash inside-out on cold and tumble dry. Enjoy!!!


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