Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Here there everywhere

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Let me first begin with the fact that I am now on bloglovin, so feel free to follow me there! With my vacation just around the corner I am getting very excited! Parke and I are going up to Maine to Acadia national park, we will be staying in a darling little cottage for a few nights and camping the rest of the vacation. I am particularly happy because it is going to be packed with adventure and new discoveries! Also I can't wait to cook outside! Once vacation is over school starts right back up. This semester worries me because after having substantial time to relax, I am afraid that getting back into the "swing of things" will be a challenge...not to mention trigonometry. Although summer is not yet over, I have to say it has been great. I did so many new things like creating this blog, cooking ALOT, and tuning into my artistic abilities much more. Sadly, I do know that I won't have nearly as much time to do these fantastic things because I will be busy writing papers and studying anatomy! Although I said I was nervous about school I am also ready to get down to business and keep up that GPA. This was a long overdue post about what has been going through my mind. 


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